3 Areas of Service

Pastoral Care

Our pastoral care model works to bring an awareness of God’s presence to everyday life situations and offer spiritual guidance.


Our counselors provide tools to each individual or group to assist with problem solving, making important decisions, and learning how to cope through hardships.

Prayer Ministry

An important piece of our care model includes inner healing prayer, deliverance, and intercession.

George Wood  | Director, Pastoral Care & Counseling

George Wood | Director, Pastoral Care & Counseling

About Pastoral Care & Counseling

Our desire is to first instill alliance, trust, and hope while creating a safe environment from which a therapeutic approach can thrive. Our team is made up of licensed mental health counselors and volunteers that are especially gifted and passionate about prayer ministry and pastoral care. The services we offer are case-based and tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and are meant to serve as another form of Christian discipleship, assisting the church in its call to bring believers to maturity in the lifelong journey of following Jesus. However, all beliefs are accepted in this environment. Each case is individually discussed between the partnership of the client and counselor to determine the level of desire for spiritual interventions to be included in the treatment.

Services are free and confidential. Effective care hinges upon the groundwork of confidence and trust. Protection of client privacy is essential for successful treatment and any information you provide to us will be kept in strict confidence. We are bound by law and ethics codes to keep information discussed during sessions as private, however, important exceptions include suspicions of child abuse or endangerment to self or others. In these rare cases, every effort will be made to discuss such disclosures with the client before taking any action and the disclosure will be limited to only what is necessary.



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