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Hope • Healing • Wholeness


The Underground Free Clinic

We want to care for those in our network with the greatest needs. Our conviction is that they should be able to receive exceptional, consistent care, from a doctor that knows them, and in an environment that makes them feel important and valued. Our desire is to be a medical home for patients and a service to ministries in our network, helping to further the important work they are doing, and together joining the long-term restorative work of God. 

What Makes Us Unique?


What makes us unique is the full spectrum social services that we can offer as a part of the larger Underground Network, which is made up of over 200 local communities. We believe that no patient comes in with just one need and often their medical problems are related to mental, spiritual, contextual and relational struggles. Our hope is to offer every patient access to this network . Here they will be embraced by our community while being offered friendship and tangible help with things like, addiction, mental health struggles, marriage and family, joblessness, etc.


IN 2017


7 patients

were treated & cured of Hepatitis C Virus

11 licensed health care providers

participated and volunteered their time at the clinic.


raised in donations of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, labs, x-rays, equipment, and more


Check out the article below written by Clinic Director Kathryn Eng to learn more about the need for
accessible health care in the Tampa area. 


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